Meet the Creators

Milspouse Conversations™ was created in August 2019 by two military spouses who just so happened met online. Yeah, you read that right. Both of these ladies are entrepreneurs. They were looking to build a connection with other entrepreneurs in the Washington D.C. area.

After dinner and several coffee dates later, they formed a friendship.  

Yeah, military life and forming friendships sound a lot like dating

A year later, they became co-creators of Milspouse Conversations™. Their mission is to bring other military spouses together to connect, grow, and have vulnerable conversations.  

 Is This Space For Everyone?

Yes!  Milspouse Conversations™ is for everyone!  The name came about because if it wasn't for these two ladies being married to military members, their paths would've possibly never crossed.  

Christina and Sybil bring a combination of over 23 years of military spouse life experience to the table. 

Christina Tello is a military spouse to an active-duty soldier, mom of two boys, a girl, and a husky named Luna.

She is the owner of Unleash Your Truth, where she hosts in-person and online workshops. These workshops teach women how to use journaling as a tool to remove their limiting beliefs, conquer their fears, find their identity, and step into their authentic selves. Christina has also, designed and published two self- love journals that aim to help focus on one's self- love routine. 

Christina is also co-creator of Milspouse Conversations™. 

Her mission is to create a safe space for all spouses to connect online and in-person. This space allows others to have those difficult life conversations while encouraging and supporting each other on individual growth journeys.


Sybil Jones is a graduate from the University of Memphis with a Logistics and Marketing Degree. She met her husband in college, and the next thing she knew, she was married and entered a new world known as military life.

She's a mother to tween and teen girls, and owner of a silly little Maltese named Carlos.

Sybil has run from sharing her military spouse experience for years. But when Christina asked her to become half of Milspouse Conversations™, she knew it was time to share and be there for other spouses.  

Her passion is to empower others in life with her message of Know You Be You Love You®.

She enjoys sharing her experiences and advice about life as a freelance content creator. You can also find her being oh so real, raw, funny and random at her site, Mamas and Coffee®.

When she's not writing or talking about self-love, you can find her trying to get her life together in the gym (it's a struggle).  She is also working on her Ph.D from The University of Life. 

These two ladies are combining their love and passions together to bring a powerhouse of love and support for other military spouses and the community.  If you see them out, say, "hello" to start a conversation.